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You can get hold of a personally signed copy of our new book,
Dare to be Different: A leadership fable about transformational change in schools
This is the fictional tale of a primary school headteacher who listens to the guidance of his political masters
and then sets out to achieve transformational change by doing the exact opposite.
Will Ryan skillfully weaves a believable and engaging work of fiction with a golden thread of truly inspirational educational philosophy.
James (former HMI)
Schools can simply order copies for £12.99 by emailing willryan@insideoutschools.co.uk An invoice will be sent out with a copy of the book.
To order a personal copy please send a cheque for £12.99 to Inside Out Schools Ltd, 19 Parklands View, Sheffield, S26 2GW.
And because we want our dare to be different message to go far and wide we will pick up the costs of postage until February 10th 2018.

Welcome to Inside Out Schools

The Education Consultancy and Training Provider that gives the Full Monty.


If you have a deep desire to explore the best primary educational practice coupled with transformational leadership you have arrived at the right website.

In addition to telling you how Will Ryan can help schools to stride purposefully forward driven by their own deeply held beliefs it is packed with additional information and resources which will help school’s create their own exciting professional  development opportunities.

Will works with those schools and leaders who dare to be different and his work is held in the highest esteem as can be seen in the comments below.


This is the third year we have invited a trainer from the UK; the first year was good, the second somewhat routine and this year, the earth moved (even for our most stubbornly entrenched teachers).

Howard Thomas (The British School of Cordoba)

Everyone enjoyed the pace and ‘escapism’ you allowed us.  We really felt we were drawn back into the reasons why we do our job   We really liked the film clips and the thinking which came from it.  Charles said ‘I actually didn’t notice I was on a chair until I came down – that’s how absorbed I was’.

The Organisers (Farnham Heads Conference)

We have recently invested heavily in our outdoor area at school and Will has been involved in the transition from learning inside to learning outside. Ever the coach – providing unique development – however don’t expect him to give you a hand-out telling you how to do it. That isn’t his way. He recognises the gifts which our teachers have and in the most skilful way, draws out the very best ideas from deep within. He gives you the confidence not to be bound by whether an objective is from the national curriculum but to ask instead – what value will this idea add to a child’s life?

Rob Barraclough, Headteacher Saint Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Dewsbury