A Personalised and Pulsating Primary Curriculum

In the Autumn of 2017 Ofsted announced that they feared that the primary curriculum was narrowing as schools increasingly focused on how to get the best possible test results (something that any good headteacher had fully recognised and understood for some considerable time!) and so they announced that they would start to ask schools to provide an account of how their curriculum was designed and the underlying principles behind it.

Will Ryan and Inside Out Schools have the answer. They can help you to create an inspirational primary curriculum which has the capacity to excite and enthral the most stubborn of Ofsted inspectors.

Through working with schools on a regular basis Will Ryan has developed an approach to curriculum planning in which pupil progress is accelerated by:

  • Teachers taking risks and using unusual and more imaginative ideas and running with them with the view that it will lead to memorable and long lasting learning.
  • The language of learning being fully promoted
  • Creating an ethic of excellence and learners develop the craftsmanship of being a scholar.
  • Children learning both independently and in genuine collaboration and creating high quality outcomes of which they are truly proud.
  • Children learning to consider what a better world might look like and how they themselves can contribute to a fair and caring society.


Children learn real interesting, hard stuff!

Hi Will,

As it’s coming to the end of the school year I’ve been reflecting on the impact of your training and I’m so pleased to say it’s continued to be at the fore of everything we’ve done this year. In assembly last week I asked the children what they felt they will remember about the school year for years to come and so many hands went up. We could have spent a long, long  time listening to every answer and the best bit was as they were sharing they had big smiles on their faces!! I’ve heard and been part of many conversations about potential planning where teachers have said “Do you think they will remember that in years to come?”. As part of our performance management I’ve asked staff to recount a 3 generational lesson that they think they have delivered. All, without exception, have spoken animatedly and at length about at least one lesson. It’s been lovely to hear.

Adele Stanford, Headteacher, British School of Cordoba.