Dear Will,

Thanks so much for today. It was absolutely brilliant. I can not thank you enough. It has really fired us up and our terrific staff are set to become more terrific. You were on top form and we loved it. In fact you were so good we want you to come back next year.

Phil Ward (Head Teacher Thomas’ School Clapham

The Clinton Card Cash Clean Up


Every good website should have some alliteration, but what is the message behind the title? Clinton Cards (other retailers are available) have discovered an extraordinary marketing ploy. Every December and July they stock up with gifts to the best teacher in the world. The demand for these goods should be limited because we all know that there can only be one best in the world. Yet children flock to the stores to buy these products. Will Ryan has a theory that the pupils in your care hand over these gift not because you are the best teacher in the world, but because they want you to be the best teacher in the world.

Can you imagine how satisfying it would be to unwrap your gift mug in front of the child and look them in the eyes because you actually believe that you might be the best teacher in the world, because you have the capacity to teach those lessons which stay with the children for evermore?

During training sessions Will Ryan explores the ways in which our best teachers combine the science of pedagogy with the art of pedagogy to create unique, focussed and exciting learning opportunities which have the capacity to make the hairs tingle on the back of a child’s neck.