Beautiful Mathematics

‘God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world’

Paul Dirac

Mastery and Mathematics

Mastery in mathematics is a journey achieved through exploration, practise and application over time. Will Ryan believes it is achieved through an enjoyable, engaging and accessible style of teaching that enhances understanding and accelerates progress.

With this in mind, for the last six years Will Ryan has been providing highly acclaimed training with companies such as Independent Thinking, Osiris and Teachology which celebrates mathematics as the most beautiful and creative of subjects.

If you want mathematical training when you want to laugh, feel inspired and gain a range of adaptable ideas for the future then contact Inside Out Schools now. A typical session would examine approaches to teaching problem solving, the power of pattern in mathematics, how to to teach calculation through popular culture, the power of stories in maths lessons, enterprise education, using modern technologies in the mathematics lessons, the potential of consumer tests and ideas to teach mathematics across the curriculum.

Here comes some examples of recent feedback from Will Ryan’s mathematical training events

The best training day ever! (Delegate at Great Ayton 9th February 2017)

I have seldom enjoyed a course so much. (Delegate at the Dereham Cluster 23rd June 2017)

Please come into my school! (Osiris delegate June 2017)

The practical activities were extremely useful as they enabled me to understand how much fun mathematics can be. (Delegate at the Dereham Cluster (23rd June 2017)