The Excellence Ethic

The Excellence Ethic


The Craftsmanship of Being a Scholar

For Will Ryan only the best is good enough. He is passionate about children producing work of the highest quality and he is keen to share his ideas and skills with you during a highly practical and fun day.

So if you want to develop high quality learning environments where everybody thinks they can achieve, they have a duty to achieve and a duty to help others achieve, then why not let Inside Out Schools help you to develop classrooms where

A hub of creativity and originality is systematically built 

All children are repsonsible for everybody succeeding

Learners always finish the tasks in a way that reflects pride,, perseverance and personal excellence

Success is celebrated and shared with others

The Craftsmanship of Being a Teacher

Our philosophy is that nobody ever made a genuine difference by doing the same as everyone else and our work on developing an ethic of excellence does not end there. In our best schools the staff are proud to be engaged in exciting and innovative practice and a ‘can do’ culture runs through the organisation. Michael Fullan once famously said, “It is when teachers learn the power of learning from each other that their future will be secured”. Inside Out Schools builds from this premise and  promotes strategies other than performance management and appraisal strategies that enable every member of staff to develop practice that is worthy of wider dissemination. If you are genuinely interested in helping teachers to value and celebrate their own learning we can provide ideas for school leaders to develop a culture of collaboration, sharing, modelling, coaching, mentoring that equips teachers to … Dare to be Different.