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Will Ryan’s Dare to be Different: A leadership fable about transformational change in schools tells the fictional tale of Brian Smith a primary school head teacher who listens to what his political masters have to say, but then sets out to inspire real transformational change by doing the exact opposite.

Writer and novelist Michael Korda claims that the fastest way to succeed is to look like you are playing to someone else’s rules whilst quietly playing by your own. Dare to be Different illustrates how real transformational change can occur when a school leader does just that. Will Ryan shares the trials and tribulations of the story’s fearless protagonist, Brian Smith, as he endeavours to take back ownership of what happens in the classroom and lead through his own beliefs and values.

“Sure to stimulate debate, reflection, laughter and hope.”

John West-Burnham, Honorary Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Worcester

“Will Ryan skilfully weaves a believable and engaging work of fiction with a golden thread of truly inspirational educational philosophy.”

James Kilner, Director, JEK Education Ltd, former Ofsted inspector

“Laced with humour and good practical advice, Dare to be Different deserves to become required reading material in staff rooms for years to come.”

Neil Short, Chair, National Association of Small Schools